Thursday, April 3, 2008

The love Story of Ceres and Proserphine in Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman Mythology shows us the way the human race thought and felt untold ages, retracing the path from civilized man who lives so far from nature and man who lived in closer companionship with nature. It tells the story of the gods and goddesses, who conquers everything because of love. Ceres and the idea of sorrow were foremost. Ceres goddess of the harvest wealth was still more the divine sorrowing mother who saw her daughter died each year. Proserpine was the radiant maiden of the spring and the summertime, whose light step upon the dry, brown hillside, enough to make it fresh and blossoming. Pluto, god of the dead and underworld, fell in love with Proserpine.

In this story the God of the dead was ruled by fear when the monster shook the earth, and he decided to leave the underworld to find the cause. Venus, the jealous god wants to seize the opportunity to extend her empire told cupid to strike Pluto with his arrow. Mortals are the same they have fears when danger came; they find ways to escape in that horrible situation, the cause and get jealous. Pluto was not presented in kidnapping Proserpine because he is one of the most powerful Gods and they feared him even Proserpine companions and the river nymph. Ceres a loving mother became weary and sad when her daughter was lost, she sought her daughter all over the world, but it was all nothing, she even sacrificed, thinking of her daughter nine days and nine nights in the open air under sunlight, moonlight and falling shower. Most mothers are like Ceres, they get weary and sad when their children are in danger. They will also seek the earth to find their children. The nature of being mother can never be fathom. Only after when Ceres withhold her service from the farmers and destroy their field and harvest then Jove intervene and restore her daughter. The story illustrated the key dynamic between Gods and mortals, mortals continue to challenge the Gods and the Gods continue to smite the mortals. The kingdom was ruled by fear and strength. Pluto feared that his kingdom would be laid open to light of day. Fear of Proserpine companion, who let her rob by the God of underworld, fear of the nymph, who witnessed every thing about Proserpine but not dared to tell. Gods have power, but not all of them can determine and prevent the situation, happening around them. Sometimes, gods has less petty than mortals, what they do or take, rob from one another and resulting to compromise under the threat of Chaos. Mortals and Gods have similarities. They have strength and weaknesses; they also fell in love, weary, sad and jealous. But in all of that, there is no powerful God of all, is love, which is able to manipulate even death.

Whatever life we have in this world or whatever what we are, love is still a vital factor that bonds us to one another, even to ourselves. It helps us to define ourselves, of we really are, what our strengths our weaknesses is, that will allow us to do the right things that fit for us. But sometimes, to much love may not always have a good result, it push us to do the contrast of what its real meaning.

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