Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Things we need to learn about other people and how to relate with them

We need to be enlightened about how other individuals behave. It is according to their environment and innate traits upon themselves. Most of the people main concern is what others would say if they dressed like this, talked like that, and do things against their expectations.
I have also realized that others behave according to the role they play. I couldn’t expect even my closest pastor kid classmate to practice and play guys. She loves to accept guys in her life without considering what these men would feel knowing she’s just playing them. However, it is her choice. On my observation, she was influenced by her best friend who loves to play guys.
I know that besides from the influence of others who always accompany you in school our parents serve as a model. Their behavior reflects how we do the same. Relating with others is according to liking. If I don’t like you, I will not entertain or even talked to you. Of course, mutual understanding is the principal concern of relating with everyone.
Lastly, I do behave according to the situation where I am and the role I am playing,

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