Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You asked me if I love you

You ask me if I love you
And I choke on my reply
I'd rather hurt you honestly
Than mislead you with a lie
And who am I to judge you
On what you say or do?
I'm only just beginning to see the real you

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you til I die
Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides

Romance and all its strategy
Leaves me battling with my pride
But through the insecurity
Some tenderness survives
I'm just another writer
Still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize fighter
Still trapped within my youth

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you ‘til I die
‘Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides

At times I'd like to break you
And drive you to your knees
At times I'd like to break through
And hold you endlessly

At times I understand you
And I know how hard you've tried
I've watched while love commands you
And I've watched love pass you by

At times I think we're drifters
Still searching for a friend
A brother or a sister
But then the passion flares again

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you til I die
‘Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Am I number 12?

The first ever global World Hepatitis Day on May 19 will kick off our National Hepatitis Awareness Week. More than 200 patient groups launch global viral campaign to increase hepatitis awareness. 'Am I Number 12?' aims to educate people to the shocking fact statistic that one in 12 people on the planet is living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. It aims to raise awareness of the virus and its prevention. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, most commonly caused by a viral infection and many people with hepatitis B or C do not have symptoms when first infected .Four million Americans are infected with hepatitis C, which kills as many as 10000 yearly. Other forms of Hepatitis are also causing million of death worldwide as well .Am I number 12 aims in raising awareness among patients, medical personnel and the public of the facts concerning hepatitis .Everyone is at risk we must be aware of it!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Things we need to learn about other people and how to relate with them

We need to be enlightened about how other individuals behave. It is according to their environment and innate traits upon themselves. Most of the people main concern is what others would say if they dressed like this, talked like that, and do things against their expectations.
I have also realized that others behave according to the role they play. I couldn’t expect even my closest pastor kid classmate to practice and play guys. She loves to accept guys in her life without considering what these men would feel knowing she’s just playing them. However, it is her choice. On my observation, she was influenced by her best friend who loves to play guys.
I know that besides from the influence of others who always accompany you in school our parents serve as a model. Their behavior reflects how we do the same. Relating with others is according to liking. If I don’t like you, I will not entertain or even talked to you. Of course, mutual understanding is the principal concern of relating with everyone.
Lastly, I do behave according to the situation where I am and the role I am playing,

Experience in life is considered part of our education

“Experience is considered part of our education.”
I always learned more when I myself experienced it. Attending this a lot and experiencing a lot of things enhanced my realization on why and how I behave in the presence and absence of others. I have learned so much not only about my life but also the life of others.
There are so many insights that have been added on me. The way I behave today is a reflection of my past experiences especially when I was a child. I realized that my behavior is motivated by reward and/ or punishment. I am doing things in exchange for something from my parents or to get along with my friends and classmates most of the time. I have more perseverance in doing things if I know people would appreciate me on those matters. I am afraid to be punished by my parents. I tried my best to show all the potentials in me just not to fall short for their expectations. B.F. Skinner’s reinforcement theory applied to explain my behavior as the results from the power of other people to reinforce me for having performed desired behavior. These two tools of reinforcement (reward and punishment) affect how I behave. Even though my parents are out of sight the ‘rule of my conscience’ always overrules me not to put them in shame. I want to please my parents always. That is the reason why I don’t like to give them problems just because of me.
To be rewarded or praised by my parents I am studying hard to have good grades or give them honor in terms of winning from school competitions. Doing such things make them happy and proud of me to boast from our family friends and relatives. I have been punished sometimes for having performed things like going home late or disobeying their orders at home. They expect me to do more and excel more as possible. I do understand them but sometimes I feel great pressure because of so many expectations (e.g. to have grades not lower 1.5 or 1.25 on my major subjects). I am also concerned for what others would say on me and to my parents if I did something.
On the other hand, I possessed both strengths and weaknesses. I could say that I am an optimist. Looking the positive side of my life alleviate my difficulties. Example is when I experienced an extreme disappointment in my junior high school for I did not belong to the top ten of the class (it seems everything had gone). At first, I could not accept it but later I realized that I have still one more chance in my last year in high school. Because of it I became more dedicated in my study. I take it as a challenge. In return I reaped what I sowed. I graduated with scholastic honors. My faith in God also serves as my shield for all the trials I have passed by.
I am also a man of weaknesses. I am the one who always commits mistakes. The things I am working right now, first and foremost is my very short patience. I easily got mad when my patience is lost especially on waiting.
My goals in life are also one of the reasons why I am studying hard. I am trying to overcome all my blocking forces like poor time management, priorities, very short patience, and bad influence of my friends and classmates. Knowing my role in every context helped me to play and shift roles. It created me as a man of many faces who knows how to handle circumstances. I have known how to act my roles as a brother, son, student, friend, classmate and so many more. Even to handle intra- role and inter- role conflict in my life has improved.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The love Story of Ceres and Proserphine in Greek and Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman Mythology shows us the way the human race thought and felt untold ages, retracing the path from civilized man who lives so far from nature and man who lived in closer companionship with nature. It tells the story of the gods and goddesses, who conquers everything because of love. Ceres and the idea of sorrow were foremost. Ceres goddess of the harvest wealth was still more the divine sorrowing mother who saw her daughter died each year. Proserpine was the radiant maiden of the spring and the summertime, whose light step upon the dry, brown hillside, enough to make it fresh and blossoming. Pluto, god of the dead and underworld, fell in love with Proserpine.

In this story the God of the dead was ruled by fear when the monster shook the earth, and he decided to leave the underworld to find the cause. Venus, the jealous god wants to seize the opportunity to extend her empire told cupid to strike Pluto with his arrow. Mortals are the same they have fears when danger came; they find ways to escape in that horrible situation, the cause and get jealous. Pluto was not presented in kidnapping Proserpine because he is one of the most powerful Gods and they feared him even Proserpine companions and the river nymph. Ceres a loving mother became weary and sad when her daughter was lost, she sought her daughter all over the world, but it was all nothing, she even sacrificed, thinking of her daughter nine days and nine nights in the open air under sunlight, moonlight and falling shower. Most mothers are like Ceres, they get weary and sad when their children are in danger. They will also seek the earth to find their children. The nature of being mother can never be fathom. Only after when Ceres withhold her service from the farmers and destroy their field and harvest then Jove intervene and restore her daughter. The story illustrated the key dynamic between Gods and mortals, mortals continue to challenge the Gods and the Gods continue to smite the mortals. The kingdom was ruled by fear and strength. Pluto feared that his kingdom would be laid open to light of day. Fear of Proserpine companion, who let her rob by the God of underworld, fear of the nymph, who witnessed every thing about Proserpine but not dared to tell. Gods have power, but not all of them can determine and prevent the situation, happening around them. Sometimes, gods has less petty than mortals, what they do or take, rob from one another and resulting to compromise under the threat of Chaos. Mortals and Gods have similarities. They have strength and weaknesses; they also fell in love, weary, sad and jealous. But in all of that, there is no powerful God of all, is love, which is able to manipulate even death.

Whatever life we have in this world or whatever what we are, love is still a vital factor that bonds us to one another, even to ourselves. It helps us to define ourselves, of we really are, what our strengths our weaknesses is, that will allow us to do the right things that fit for us. But sometimes, to much love may not always have a good result, it push us to do the contrast of what its real meaning.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Art of Kissing

The origin of the word 'kiss' is uncertain but might come from the Old English cyssan. It is similar to the Saxon kussian and kyssa in the Viking language. In all these languages, the word most likely evolved from an imitation of the sound of a kiss - an onomatopoeic word like 'splash', 'hiss', 'mumble' etc.

*Some kissing gestures give obvious meanings*

1.When a guy either holds the hand of the girl or puts his hand on her neck could be a sign that he wants the girl only for himself as some people call it "Caress"

2.So when your guy is not fond of "touching" and he just rests his hands on either his partner's lower back(protecting the whole upper body) or at the back of her head or probably just holding her hands that is a sign of "Caring" Its like protecting the partner from falling.

3.Those who are fond of touching could be seen as adventurous it would seem that they want more that just kissing then it would no longer be considered as plainly kiss but a foreplay.

4.If they hold hands while kissing, it means security it's like telling one's partner how secured he/she should be that sure with him/her. It's also the same when you hold any part of your partner's arms.

5. An embrace while kissing means insecurity it's like too anxious to let go of that person because he/she is afraid that he/she would loose her/him afterwards.

6. Kissing while holding any other part of the body means differently depending on whatever part your holding.

7. When a guy initiates through the whole action by putting force on his partner it would mean authority. Whoever bends/leans towards the other is the one who is "in charge" bending the head or moving the head allows both people to breathe while kissing then it is also means authority.

8. French people say that smelling one's hair is a sign that one wants to make love to his partner, but in Filipino culture, smelling one's hair means that one is imbibing his partner's presence; kind of appreciating her beauty, her womanhood, her wholeness.

9. A close-eyed kiss is mysterious, because you just let your feelings for each other or each other's senses control the kiss. If one person looks deep into one's eyes before kissing, it is like telling the his partner how sincere he is for the enxt move he's be making; that's he's ready to take whatever consequences it might lead him to. It's like being honest to your partner. So if a guy looks into the girl's eyes then to her lips, then back to her eyes, before he kisses her its like saying "don't be afraid, I'm here to protect you" If he still looks at you straight in the eye after kissing it means he was contented if he looks down he was embarrassed. If he looks somewhere else he wants more.

10. A kiss in the forehead means respect.

There are four other types of kisses described by some other authors. These are as follows:

The straight kiss: when the lips of man and woman are united by direct contact, it is called a straight kiss.

The bent kiss: this position can be described as when man and woman bent towards each other and kissed, it is called bent kiss.

The turned kiss: when one of the couple turns up his or her face by holding the chin and head and then kissed, it is called a turned kiss.

The pressed kiss: when the lower lip is pressed with much force, it is called a pressed kiss.

The fifth kind of kiss can be described as when one holds the lower lip between two fingers, touches it with the tongue and presses it with great force with the lip, is called `greatly pressed kiss`.

The upper lip is woman's sensitive part of the lips and the lower right part is man' sensitive (lip) Kissing signals our brains to produce some kind of hormones that gives a good-all-over feeling. Biologically speaking a kiss prompts another. It helps
produce a chemical in our brains that shouts for more, probably another kiss or more for that.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


“Love is created not by words but by feelings, not by humans but by hearts. It is better expressed in deeds than in words, for love has not definition, only existence”

To define what faces does love has in the poems is to define the different tone each poem created. Apparently, the face of jealousy, of sorrow and of pain was the only ones I found in the poems.

Rossetti’s poem “song” talks about sorrow and pain. On the first look, one may initiate the sense of death as the cause of sorrow and pain in the poem. One may say somebody is dying and she does not want her lover to mourn for /her. She wanted her lover to go on with his life. On the other hand, the poem may not be about physical death but an emotional death. The poem may talk about letting go where someone want to be set free and to simply let her lover’s feelings for her to fade away. She doesn’t want her lover to be imprisoned in sorrow (lines 2-4) instead she wants him to make afresh start (lines 5-6) wherein their memories together be forgotten (lines 7-8).

The second stanza notifies the reasons why she wants to be free. She does not want to experience anymore of the shadows, the rain and the painful songs she had in their relationship (lines 9-12). And, a much as possible she doesn’t want to remember (lines 15-16) their stagnant relationship which never vision out future (lines 13-14).

Both lovers felt sorrow and pain out of love. The person who wants freedom felt sorrow and pain in their relationship. However, she still sympathized to her lover when she asked her not to suffer her goodbyes. Both of them felt the hurt when the decision of parting was made.
William Blake’s poem “My Pretty Rose –Tree” only justifies that man choose to love and not accidentally falls in love. Man loves the person because he chose to and not because he simply felt in love one of the days in his life. Nevertheless, the man’s verdict brought up jealousy and sorrow as the tone for the entire poem.

The man was tempted by a wonderful offer – something or someone that may never happened again. However, he turned it off because he is sincerely in love with someone else. With much openness and loyalty he told his special someone what happened. Out of jealousy, she left him, leaving only pain to his heart.

The poem informs us that people choose to love, however sometimes though we try to tend this love with care and compassion things turned differently from what we expected. This truth only bears us great sorrow and pain.

Relation to your life…

I’m not in a relationship or in a courtship situation; however, I can sympathized to both first characters in both poems. The first poems transpires a woman who wants to break free from a painful and sad relationship maybe because she‘s not happy anymore. I was once in a courtship where I can barely tell that person that I had enough of his kindness and sweetness. The persistence and the efforts he made only add pain to my heart because I can’t return those. I stretched my patience and understanding but I thought the situation has to stop. It was painful to hurt other people, who do not deserve pain, but then a decision has to be drawn. I hurt him and I hurt myself. Now we were friends – not too close and not too far.

The next poem is the sequel of my first confession. At the moment, I feel the man’s pain because his lover left him in distress. I didn’t accept the love that was offered to me by the person I asked of letting me go because I’m devoted to someone else – some one who never gives sight of my efforts and thoughts of him. I admired this man for a long time, allowing my admiration to grow like a sturdy tree. What made the man in the poem and I different is because I was left not because of jealousy but because of insecurity. I confessed to him of my feelings and after which he was never a good friend anymore. I was left with thorns in my heart, but still I delighted onto those thorns because it keeps me going on, strong and enduring.

For me love is a ring. It never ends. It is as well a big deal. It is a serious type of romance where in one should dedicated his or her life in discovering what lies inside it. It is something to be enjoyed of and be shared to everyone – to friends and family. It is not just a word it is a commitment to be cherished and be taken care of as long as we live.

I also concur to the wisdom given by 1 Corinthians 13: 4 -8 about love. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, (love) is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury,
it does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails. If there are prophecies, they will be brought to nothing; if tongues, they will cease; if knowledge, it will be brought to nothing.

I believe that everyone longs for love. Even a child inside his mother’s womb kicks just to solicit for attention – for love. And love is certainly achievable. Love is in the air, all it takes is deep breathing in order to take it into our lives. It surely is for real and not an illusion. Remember that God first loves us and everything He gives is for real. Therefore tangible enough to be received and is/ should be given for free.