Friday, March 7, 2008

The Art of Kissing

The origin of the word 'kiss' is uncertain but might come from the Old English cyssan. It is similar to the Saxon kussian and kyssa in the Viking language. In all these languages, the word most likely evolved from an imitation of the sound of a kiss - an onomatopoeic word like 'splash', 'hiss', 'mumble' etc.

*Some kissing gestures give obvious meanings*

1.When a guy either holds the hand of the girl or puts his hand on her neck could be a sign that he wants the girl only for himself as some people call it "Caress"

2.So when your guy is not fond of "touching" and he just rests his hands on either his partner's lower back(protecting the whole upper body) or at the back of her head or probably just holding her hands that is a sign of "Caring" Its like protecting the partner from falling.

3.Those who are fond of touching could be seen as adventurous it would seem that they want more that just kissing then it would no longer be considered as plainly kiss but a foreplay.

4.If they hold hands while kissing, it means security it's like telling one's partner how secured he/she should be that sure with him/her. It's also the same when you hold any part of your partner's arms.

5. An embrace while kissing means insecurity it's like too anxious to let go of that person because he/she is afraid that he/she would loose her/him afterwards.

6. Kissing while holding any other part of the body means differently depending on whatever part your holding.

7. When a guy initiates through the whole action by putting force on his partner it would mean authority. Whoever bends/leans towards the other is the one who is "in charge" bending the head or moving the head allows both people to breathe while kissing then it is also means authority.

8. French people say that smelling one's hair is a sign that one wants to make love to his partner, but in Filipino culture, smelling one's hair means that one is imbibing his partner's presence; kind of appreciating her beauty, her womanhood, her wholeness.

9. A close-eyed kiss is mysterious, because you just let your feelings for each other or each other's senses control the kiss. If one person looks deep into one's eyes before kissing, it is like telling the his partner how sincere he is for the enxt move he's be making; that's he's ready to take whatever consequences it might lead him to. It's like being honest to your partner. So if a guy looks into the girl's eyes then to her lips, then back to her eyes, before he kisses her its like saying "don't be afraid, I'm here to protect you" If he still looks at you straight in the eye after kissing it means he was contented if he looks down he was embarrassed. If he looks somewhere else he wants more.

10. A kiss in the forehead means respect.

There are four other types of kisses described by some other authors. These are as follows:

The straight kiss: when the lips of man and woman are united by direct contact, it is called a straight kiss.

The bent kiss: this position can be described as when man and woman bent towards each other and kissed, it is called bent kiss.

The turned kiss: when one of the couple turns up his or her face by holding the chin and head and then kissed, it is called a turned kiss.

The pressed kiss: when the lower lip is pressed with much force, it is called a pressed kiss.

The fifth kind of kiss can be described as when one holds the lower lip between two fingers, touches it with the tongue and presses it with great force with the lip, is called `greatly pressed kiss`.

The upper lip is woman's sensitive part of the lips and the lower right part is man' sensitive (lip) Kissing signals our brains to produce some kind of hormones that gives a good-all-over feeling. Biologically speaking a kiss prompts another. It helps
produce a chemical in our brains that shouts for more, probably another kiss or more for that.


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